2021 is the year that STRONG IS THE NEW BLACK for women, it’s taken awhile but finally women are ditching the 5 days per week of punishing cardio solely for weightloss and embracing their inner badass!!!

There’s something special about lifting weight as a women. It’s not just about building a banging body ( that happens though 😍) it gives you a sense of inner power and accomplishment no other form of exercise gives.

Lifting weight keeps your bones healthy, your metabolism firing ( hello allll the food), prevents injury and gives women a kind of confidence that only strong women understand

At APA strength is what we do best and we are so pumped to offer this chance for a small group of ladies ready to embark on their strength journey and opportunity to learn from the BEST all things strength training! Strength training can be daunting especially for women but it doesn’t need to be

Over a 3 day per week, 6 week program we will teach you everything you need to get you started on your journey. We will teach you to lift safely and effectively, and give you all the knowledge you need to hit the gym and change your life

If you are wasting your time not knowing what to do in the gym THIS IS FOR YOU. If you have past injuries from bad technique THIS IS FOR YOU. If you want to build the best body of your life THIS IS FOR YOU. If you just want to be a strong badass women that can carry her own shit THIS IS FOR YOU

Program includes

- 6 weeks fully coached foundations training

- 12 week beginner program that can be done in any gym ( including ours ) to get you started once your 6 weeks are up

- Learn the basics of main lifts plus accessory exercises for all goals including body composition, strength, longevity, performance

- Full assessment with an Exercise Physiologist to ensure Proper technique for YOU and YOUR body to prevent injury and enhance performance

LEARN TO LIFT - with APA will commence mid Feb and will be limited to 6 women, so grab a mate and get in touch today to secure your spot

$250 per person