Programs designed for rehabilitation of back injuries and symptoms of pain. The ONLINE programs are resistance training based. Starting at the most basic spinal stabilisation exercises, through to a program to have you lifting agin in the gym or back to SPORT.


Have you got a tight lower back and/or hips that don't seem to be getting better? Does the pain/tightness come and go (some days good, others not so good). Have you got a diagnosed disc bulge or herniation or other back injury that you are trying to manage? This includes nerve/radicular nerve pain/symptoms.

This program is a mix of exercises that we use on a daily basis to treat people with all types of back pain. YOU can do it yourself at home or in the gym. It will start to re-stabilise your spine, help restore mobility and flexibility to your spine and teach you how to start moving correctly. This combination of treatment works for almost anyone with back pain who wants to take control of symptoms and pain.

This program has been put through its paces on many clients at our clinic/gym with 100% success.

Level 1

Designed as a spinal stability and movement based program that will help you get back to regular resistance training pain free.

This is a 6 week program and a great place to start if you have recently injured your back and are wanting to get back into exercise or help reduce your symptoms of pain and discomfort. It is a six day a week program starting with just 10-20 minutes a day. We have made this program accessible to those with minimal equipment. This includes your own body weight, and a resistance band. Towards the end of the six weeks a kettlebell or dumbbell if you have access, otherwise something heavyish from around the house are all that is required. The primary focus is getting you confident moving again with spinal stability work.

Level 2

Designed will help you get back to regular resistance training pain free so that you can continue onto your regular program once this is completed.

If you are an avid gym goer or sports person that continually or intermittently has a sore lower back, especially after lifting, then this will help you.

This six-week program contains all of the exercises you should be doing if you have this type of pain/discomfort. Use the program as a stand-alone back rehabilitation protocol or take from it what you need to start lifting weight again.

$85 for each full program or $150 combined