Delivered ONLINE using multi-media, with a mix of comprehensive online tutorials, individual exercise videos and a full-colour course manual, 16 hours of value packed study material - ONLINE $399 or $599 for two day seminar/workshop.

This full two day live course has all been made into an ONLINE version for exercise and fitness professionals or anyone with an interest in learning how to technically and correctly use resistance training for yourself or for a variety of patients or clients. Worth 15 CPD points with ESSA.

Learn the importance of spinal stability and how having a neutral spine is required for movement of external load such as with resistance training. Learn why spinal stabilisation is crucial for ongoing strength and rehabilitation. Strength/resistance exercises using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and other free weights allow for enhanced, and time effective training for clinical, non clinical and athletic populations alike.

Learn how to teach all of the main barbell lifts, including the deadlift, squats (back/front/overhead and variants such as the goblet squat), kettlebell swings, barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell press, pulling movements such as barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell rows and pull ups. Hundreds of exercises are taught in the manual with accompanying videos and teaching points.

If you are an exercise professional or individual who avoids this type of strength training in the gym and have a preference for machine weights then this course is a definite MUST for you. Gain an absolute tonne of confidence and by doing this course and watch yourself and/or your client's benefit from the abundance of information that you will learn from this course.

Chris Cherry

Director/Principal Exercise Physiologist
MExSci(S&C), MExSci(Rehab)
ASCA - Accredited Professional Coach Scheme
Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach ASCA
Thanks again, what I can say is working through the content well written and the videos are amazing . It’s just not the content is very important information for any coach personal trainer looking to up-skill and be more effective with clients and athletes regards to strength and conditioning course this is one of my favourites . High detailed from Chris passionate coach and exercise specialist and highly regarded . This course will give you the skills to be more aware of client athletes strength and conditioning development- aspects of push muscles pull muscles spinal activations in high detail and much more to offer . Thanks again guys very love their course much appreciated .
Christopher Jones 
Personal Trainer Brisbane Queensland 

Thanks again for the course. I found it very valuable for taking my clients to the next level. I have a few high functioning clients and this really enabled them to tap into their full potential and continue to progress. I found your course particularly useful for NDIS clients using the fundamental lifts as a framework for effective development of motor patterns and strength. I would recommend any EP or other exercise professional take your course. It is easily translatable whether you are working with elderly clients, in the NDIS space or with junior athletes.

Josh Hutchins EP Tasmania


I have been seeing Chris as my Exercise Physiologist for the last 18 months. During this time he has taught me how important strength training in after an injury, to help prevent injury and for everyday situations. I have had spinal surgery and I had all but stopped using anything that resembled strengthening that part of my body as I thought if I didn’t use it the pain will go away. Well I now know that strengthening your whole body makes the pain go away and makes everyday easier than it was. I have two sessions a week funded by DVA and it has not inky helped my physically it helps my mental health as well. Getting out of the house moving and interacting has all changed since I started my training with Chris. I would highly recommend Chris and his services to anyone that has any physical or mental health issues to see their doctor about a referral to Chris for exercise physiology sessions. They are very different from what a physiotherapist offers and also a personal trainer. I was in the army and during my career I only concentrated in size and fitness and now I only concentrate on strengthening my whole body to be able to keep mobile and have the ability to looks after my 2.5acres on my own. This training has allowed me to look after the outside of my house in less time than before and that is huge for me as I spend at least 6 hours every week keeping my property looking tidy. I am 48 years old and I can honestly say I will never stop strength training as it will serve me when later in life as it is now. It also helped me recover from surgery quicker than most and instead of being out of training for 6 weeks it only took me 3 to be fit enough to return to exercising. If you have any health condition an exercise physiologist can help you get stronger without pain and they can help you get mobility back. You need to have an open mind and be willing to try things you think are going to cause you pain and you won’t look back ever. There will never be a day when you say I wish I didn’t do that, you will always be glad you had a session and you will feel so much better for it.

Kylie Age 46 Ex-Army