APA Real World Strength Application ONLINE Course

This full two day live course has all been made into an ONLINE version for exercise and fitness professionals or anyone with an interest in learning how to technically and correctly use resistance training for yourself or for a variety of patients or clients. Worth 15 CPD points with ESSA.  Learn the importance of spinal stability and how having a neutral spine is required for movement of external load such as with resistance training. Learn why spinal stabilisation is crucial for ongoing strength and rehabilitation. Strength/resistance exercises using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and other free weights allow for enhanced, and time effective training for clinical, non clinical and athletic populations alike.  Learn how to teach all of the main barbell lifts, including the deadlift, squats (back/front/overhead and variants such as the goblet squat), kettlebell swings, barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell press, pulling movements such as barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell rows and pull ups. Hundreds of exercises are taught in the manual with accompanying videos and teaching points.  If you are an exercise professional or individual who avoids this type of strength training in the gym and have a preference for machine weights then this course is a definite MUST for you. Gain an absolute tonne of confidence and by doing this course and watch yourself and/or your client's benefit from the abundance of information that you will learn from this course. This course will make your training safer and if you teach other people or clients how to lift then the practical nature of this course will tie everything together that you have learnt at university, making exercise selection easier and more beneficial for your clients.  ESSA 15 CPD POINTS

$399.00 AUD