A full body resistance program designed with the female in mind wanting to build all over strength, change their body composition and fall in love with the benefits of strength training 

If you’re spinning your wheel in the gym with no real plan, or wanting to embark on a new fitness journey this program is for you

ADVANCED: this is a 12 week, four day a week resistance program 90minutes each day designed to get you a lot stronger and leaner. Nikki follows this program each week in the gym with a variety of functional strength equipment. Most home gyms also have enough equipment, which includes a barbell and weights (the more the better), squat rack/pull-up bar, dumbbells and kettlebells,  rings/TRX, resistance bands and a bench.

BEGINNER: this is also a 12 week program and a great place to start for less advanced lifters, three days a week, 45-60minutes a day  designed to get you stronger and leaner. It is designed for the beginner in mind, or somebody coming back from injury or pregnancy. We have tried to make this one much more accessible to those with minimal equipment. This includes your own body weight, a resistance band, a kettlebell or dumbbell if you have access, otherwise something heavyish from around the house, and a suspension trainer like a TRX or rings

$100 for full program